Sunday, March 21, 2010

34 Weeks

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks!!! 6 Weeks left!!!!

Weight gain/loss:HA!!! Who knows? Mom's scale seems to tell me something different every time I step on it. I think it is in denial for me.

Maternity clothes: I found a cute maternity raincoat that could easily be non-maternity!!! I also gladly gave Target some of my $$$!!!! I found an orange tank for $2, yes you read that correctly.......... see why I miss Target!

Stretchies: not yet, stocking up on more Palmer's while I am back!!!!

Sleep:Ahhhhhh.........pillow top mattresses how I have missed you!!!!

Feeling: good but not like myself. I don't understand how I had absolutely no puffiness or swelling in Seoul. I come to Iowa and blow up : )

Best moment(s) this week: Jordan seeing/feeling Lincoln kicking and moving! Hanging out with Mom. Family Grill out at Renita's!

Movement: He is getting so strong! It hurts sometimes!!! The best is when he rolls over my bladder ; )

Food cravings: None really.......You would think being back in Iowa would be bad news! I ate at some of my favorite places but they were healthy meals.

Labor signs:Nope.

Belly button in or out: OUT!!!!!!

Things I miss: My husband!

What I am looking forward to:seeing baby Aiden, Gavin, Brevin, Wyatt and Kenna today oh ya and their mothers!!!!!

Next Appointment:April 1st when I am back in Seoul

Milestones: Everyday is another milestone but this week.........moving up another bra size haha....... ; ) in my teen years I would have been ecstatic!

Interesting Facts: Lincoln could weight approximately 4-4 1/2 lbs at this time and be about 17 inches long.

Weekly wisdom: Well, I can't discuss it on the blog due to graphic content. This weeks weekly wisdom was taught to me by my 18 year old cousin. She informed me of what really happens in labor because she watched 16 and Pregnant on MTV. America just puts it on cable when my Korean doctor won't even inform or educate me about it. : ) Thanks Kylee!

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