Wednesday, March 3, 2010

31 Weeks

Pregnancy: 31 Weeks!!!

Weight gain/loss: I will find out at the Dr on Friday. I am guessing I have gained at least 2-3 more lbs.

Maternity clothes: I have become partial to wearing leggings & long tops. I am till wearing a mix of regular clothes(pic above is regular shirt YAY!) & maternity. You know, I really LOVE maternity clothes! I may wear them forever!

Stretchies: not that I can see(fingers crossed.......toes too!)

Sleep: Rough!!! Poor Jon! He has no room & it isn't getting any better! I think I add a new pillow every 2 weeks. We also had friends in town this past weekend. We had a great time, but I was/am exhausted!!!!

Feeling: Still feeling great! My back & top left abdominal muscles are starting to bother me, but overall I so feel lucky to have such a wonderful pregnancy!

pic above was taken around 2:30am at a night out with friends

Best moment this week: Jian, Jon's Best Friend/Best Man, got to meet the belly! and his girlfriend Carmen! I bought 3 really cute onesies at Lotte(Korean Macy's) & one of them possibly for Lincoln's coming home outfit!
Movement: He is one active little boy! Feet in the ribs is his new thing! I have noticed he responds differently to Jon's touch(excitement, lots of movement), than he does to mine(calming, soothing), it is so incredible!

Food cravings: Oh my! I have done really well on the cravings UNTIL NOW! I don't know if it is because I have actually found some snacks I recognize or what! I mean who craves sea weed, anchoives, and wild roots when you can have chocolate cake, ice cream, pickles(REAL ones!), etc.

Speaking of the ice cream, my Dad would be proud! I have been having a small bowl of vanilla ice cream, with nestles chocolate milk mix sprinkled on top & chocolate syrup for an evening snack/dessert! :) yum! Bring back memories Dad!

I also have a new love for Rotiboy buns! Yum! They are a sweet bread filled with milky sugar butter! The smell alone is worth the 2,500w each(approx $2). They are absolutely incredible!

Labor signs: Still the good ole' Bhicks. They are getting stronger, but nothing in a definitive pattern.

Belly button in or out:
Depends on how I sit or how much I eat. :) I would say flat/out.

Things I miss: Bathtubs!!!(we only have showers), Ber's backrubs, family & friends, WINE!, and being able to dance!

What I am looking forward to: Baby Expo at Coex next week

Next Appointment: Friday, March 5th @ 3:45pm(12:45am CST)with Dr. Choi

Weekly wisdom: I have been stressing about Lincoln's nursery for a while now. It is so hard to find things in Seoul that are resonably priced & fit our needs. It has left me feeling like we are bringing this innocent little child home to nothing. He will have nothing!

Then I read this excerpt, from a book that my Mother & Father-in-law gave me. It couldn't have come at a better time.

"More crucial than the physical enviroment that surrounds your children is the emotional enviroment of your home. A stable, secure home life flows from a stable, secure marriage. The best way to prepare your nest, far more important than preparing a room, is to strengthen that love relationship."

Milestones: Single digits for weeks! 9 left!!!

Interesting Facts:
The boy's name Lincoln \l(i)-nco-ln, lin-coln\ is pronounced LINK-en. It is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "lake colony". The name of an early Roman settlement in England. Surname made famous by American President Abraham Lincoln. Football player Lincoln Kennedy.

Lincoln has 2 variant forms: Linc and Link.
Baby names that sound like Lincoln are Langly, Langley, Langlee and Langlea.
Interesting, but NO nicknames here, or my husband will have a fit! :)

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