Friday, March 19, 2010

33 Weeks

Pregnancy: 33 Weeks!!! 7 Weeks left!!!!

Weight gain/loss:: ) I think this is the point where I stop revealing the numbers : ) haha.....No I am not really sure until next week when I head to the Doc in IA.

Maternity clothes: I took a little trip to my favorite place to shop VON MAUR!!! Ah it was a great birthday present to myself. They do not carrying any maternity but with the trends now I did find a couple cute tops.

Stretchies: They have to be coming soon! My skin is stretched to the limit!

Sleep:Well, with the jet lag this week it has been hit or miss. Now if this was for my husband he is probably getting some much needed rest! All those extra pillows and "extra" wife gone! : )

Feeling:Really good! This week I did have some unusual swelling in my hands, feet and face, but it has seemed to go away a bit. Also, a little nausea and light headed on my! I think it was due to flying, maybe a little dehydration and just needing to keep my feet up.

Best moment(s) this week: The Coex Baby Fair!!!! We ordered Lincoln's crib, dresser/changer, high chair, bedding, bathtub, bottle sanitizer and a few little things. That was a GREAT feeling to have it done! Here are some pictures.....

My birthday and the best gift my husband could have ever given me!(well, besides Lincoln) Surprising my family was awesome! Seeing the look on their faces when I walked in the door was priceless! Lily was very excited to see me! : ) For anyone that doesn't know Lily is my dog, who is now living with my Grandma & Grandpa Van Wyk.

Movement:I had read that the movement was supposed to decrease soon, but not for me! He is moving all around! He was excited to kick a few new people this week......Kinze(Roo), Kylee(Cakers), Tick and Jordan(Brother). It was fun to have family feel him or see him moving around,

Food cravings: Desserts of course!!!! : ) Believe it or not Goldie's is literally a minute from Mom's house and I have not stopped yet! I am proud of myself! Since i have been back I have been eating a lot of Fish! Ah, love it! Bonefish was one of the first restaurant stops I had Haddock with feta, artichokes & basil! Yum!!! The waitress suggested their brownie with macadamia nuts sprinkled on top, raspberry sauce and ice cream for dessert and of course I had to have a birthday dessert! It is not hard to up sell to a pregnant woman! I am telling you pregnant or not that dessert was phenomenal!!!!!

Labor signs: still Braxton hicks! When I first got on the long flight from Tokyo to Chicago(11hrs) I had a few "contractions" minutes apart, but I drank water and calmed myself and I was fine!

Belly button in or out: OUT!!!

Things I miss: This week my husband! It is hard being away from him so long! I love being back with family, but it is funny how much I miss Seoul and my friends there. It truly is our home now! Pregnancy related I would say being around some of my favorite places and not being able to splurge on coffee, pastries, wine etc. Oh my daily consuming of Korean "clementines"! I eat at least 8 a day! Hey they are healthy!

What I am looking forward to: Seeing more friends, family, hanging out with my Mom, watching NEW MOON ; ), a pedicure, seeing Baby Aiden, Kelly's Baby Shower next Sunday, oh there are sooo many!!!!

Next Appointment: I am going to head to my old OB this week just to get checked out, but in Seoul it's Thursday, April 1st @ 1:55pm at that point I will be 35 weeks and start going every week! Wow!!!

Milestones: Packing my suitcase(1 that's right!) for my international trip for 2 weeks at under 20 lbs!!!!!! I was proud of myself! I would also have to say making it to Tokyo(2hrs), Chicago(11hrs), Iowa(1hr) without going into labor ; ) lol.......

Interesting Facts: Lincoln is the size of a honeydew melon! Seriously can not believe that he is that big and in my tummy!!!!

Weekly wisdom: turning sideways actually equals more width than facing forward! ! : ) I discovered this while visiting my Grandpa & Grandma Van Wyk. So many years of sliding between Grandpa(in his chair at the kitchen table) and the oven; so you can get to the bathroom is just not possible anymore! Picture a skinny cow commercial!

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