Monday, April 12, 2010

37 Weeks

Pregnancy: 37 Weeks FULL TERM!!!!!! WOOOO HOOO!!!!!!

Weight gain/loss: I think the same! We will see on Thursday if I get told I have gained too much again : ) chuckle!

Maternity clothes: Let's talk shoes instead of clothes! I am only fitting into a few pairs......ah! I have been wearing flip flops because of the warm weather and swelling! Everyone stares at me on the subway because for some reason they do not wear sandals without socks! Crazy!!!!! I did buy a new pair of clarks! They are super comfortable and fit my nerdy style! :)

Stretchies: so far so good.......

Sleep: I can't wait to sleep on my tummy again!!!! I am waking up at least 4 times a night!

Feeling: I am feeling great, but I can tell my body is preparing for labor soon!!! At least it is my wishful thinking of soon!

Best moment(s) this week: Well despite the nursery furniture not being delivered, I had a great week!!!!! We had a great week!!!!! Jon was offered a new position within Samsung, more details to come. No this does not mean back to the States.....still will be living in Seoul! It is a great opportunity for him and he tells me it is "EXACTLY what he hoped he would transition to!" So I am extremely happy and proud of him!!!

I had a great lunch/afternoon with Lauren in Samcheong-dong on Thursday. We found a little Italian cafe with an extremely large menu and I was very happy with my pasta and I believe Lauren's hamburger was a hit! I had another great lunch with Charu at Milliways! Charu and I have been trying to meet up for over a month now and our schedules were not working out. : ) So finally I got to meet her! She has a 6 month old daughter named Navia(she is a doll!) so we had a lot of baby stuff to chat about! She recommended a pediatrician in Seoul, which was a huge relief!!!! We live in the same tower complex so I am sure there will be lots of play dates to come!

And of course last but not least.....THE BABY SHOWER!!!!! It was a huge surprise and an amazing time!!!! The girls did so much work and made me feel extremely special. I am going to do one blog just on the shower, because there are just too many cool things I don't want to forget! I can't wait to share!!!! It is amazing how you can find truly genuine, caring friends all over the world!

Movement: He is ready to play!!!!! He wants to come out I just know it! :) He has had a lot of hiccups this week as well!

Food cravings: Korean BBQ, cinnamon rolls(found carmel pecan rolls at Costco! Should not have bought the whole box!!) After the baby shower I am now craving everything they served! I am telling you the menu was de-licous!!!!! Oh can't forget the red velvet cupcake with the cream cheese frosting that Alyssa brought!!!! Seriously AMAZING!!!!!!

Labor signs: yes : ) won't go into detail but I am pretty sure I lost the MP on Saturday night into Sunday for all you ladies that know what I am talking about! For those that don't, don't worry! You don't want to know :)

Belly button in or out: Officially popped out this week!!!! I think it means this turkey is cooked!

Things I miss: hmmm........probably just my normal body : )

What I am looking forward to: Well, hopefully a relaxing week of work for Jon!!!! Lunch/dinners with some of the girls! Nursery furniture is expected by the end of the week, for real this time!!!!!!! Doctor's appointment........

Next Appointment: April 15th first "real" exam hmmmm.........sounds interesting ; )

Milestones: Being FULL TERM!!!!!!!!

Interesting Facts: I carried a WATERMELON! Ah.......Dirty Dancing! No really Lincoln is supposedly the size of a watermelon! CRAZY! Sounds yummy though! All weight for Lincoln and myself should level off now and he should be completely healthy for delivery any day! : )

Weekly wisdom: None. Leave a comment of your "Weekly Wisdom" to me! I could use a little inspiration.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

36 Weeks

Pregnancy: 36 Weeks

Weight gain/loss: 35 lbs Oh Yeah!!!! Imagine carrying
an extra dumbbell of weight everywhere with you!

Maternity clothes:
Still some maternity some regular. It is starting to get warmer and I have yet to try on the maternity shorts I bought in December. Fingers crossed they fit!
<----Here is what I wore on our date night. Maternity jeans from the GAP, tank from ZARA(bought here in Seoul) and Anne Klein Shrug top.

Stretchies: none that are visible to me.

Sleep: I am finally recovered from jet lag and sleep has been pretty good. I have noticed I am going to bed earlier and waking up earlier.

Feeling: day I feel like Lincoln has dropped a lot!!!! Waddle.....Waddle : ) and I can breath again. Then the next day back to normal. I have noticed more menstrual type cramps and lower back pain the last few days.

Best moment(s) this week: Jon and I had a date night on Saturday! We wandered around the Apuyeong area stopping in at a few random stores one being a pet shop. We saw the cutest little guy! He was a mini-Lily. He wanted us to take him home, but for the 1,500,000w price tag. I don't think so!!!!

After a lot of walking we headed to Korean BBQ at one of our new favorite restaurants in Seoul. Don't know the name but it's delicious : ) here are some pics of our evening!

Some of the Korean escalators are made for a single person, so there for we have to wait in line.

Jon even tried MUSHROOMS FOR ME!!!! Grilled mushrooms in Seoul taste so amazing!

Me the grill master of the evening. This was a thin slice marinated Kalbi(beef) with some mushrooms. You can eat it straight off the grill or wrapped in lettuce with some yummy sauce!

Jon enjoying some of our Naengmyeon for "dessert" It is a chilled buckwheat noodle in a ginger broth usually has some korean pears and cucumbers. You can add mustard or spice if you want. It is soooooo yummy!!! and Jon has loved it ever since I introduced him to it : ) and now I get very little!

Food cravings: Now it is Korean BBQ after our fab date night! Jon also mentioned Lucy's Pie Shop in the Ichon-Dongbu area and now I am craving a piece of pie. I think I will take a walk there sometime today and get a slice for us to share for dessert(; ) Jon doesn't really like pie so I know I get 3/4 of then!)

Movement: I think he is going to jump out of my stomach soon!

Labor signs: While walking in Apuyeong I thought for sure he would be coming soon! I was having crazy lower back pain and feeling like he would fall out at any minute!

Belly button in or out: See pic :)

Things I miss: Snuggling with my husband on the couch : ), wearing cute high heels, having ankles, wearing my wedding ring ; (

What I am looking forward to:
Nursery furniture comes today! I will do a nursery post once everything is set up!
And.........My friends Mary, Alyssa and Marina are throwing us a Baby Shower on Sunday! So excited to see everyone, have girl time! Can't wait to post pics next week!!! Here is the invite they sent out. It is so cute!

Next Appointment: April 15th(ironically Lincoln's Auntie Sarah's real day of birth in Seoul) : ) It would be a great day to have Lincoln! Interesting that I will be 37 weeks which is considered full term. Things are soooo different here. I thought my next appointment would have been at 36 weeks ?!?!?!?!

Milestones: Soon having a somewhat completed nursery!

Interesting Facts/Information: I have started drinking a 3rd Trimester tea by Earth Momma Angel Baby It is an interesting blend of tea, not something I am quite used to enjoying, but if it helps I will give it a try! I love drinking tea so I don't mind trying something new and then once Lincoln comes I will be switching up to the MilkMaids Tea. We also purchased the shampoo/body wash for Lincoln at the Coex Baby Fair. I will have to do a little review on it after his first bath!

Weekly wisdom: I have discovered the one and only part of my body that has gotten smaller during this whole bladder! Although, upon discovery it didn't really make me feel any better!

Making a decision to have a child--it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
-- Elizabeth Stone

Thursday, April 1, 2010

35 Weeks

Pregnancy: 35 Weeks down 35 days to go!!!!!

Weight gain/loss:Well, what a way to ring in the 35 weeks with your Ultrasound Tech telling you your pants are too tight and your Dr stating once again that you are over the limit! They even forgot to say "April Fool's!"

Well, I did some research to see exactly what is "average" and where all this weight goes. Am I over the American "average" or the Korean "average?" According to

Baby 7-8 pounds
Placenta 1-2 pounds
Amniotic fluid 2 pounds
Uterus 2 pounds
Maternal breast tissue 2 pounds( lol I would times this by 2 ; ))
Maternal blood 4 pounds
Fluids in maternal tissue 4 pounds
Maternal fat and nutrient stores 7 pounds

Okay so that is approximately 29-31 pounds on average. In the states heard that about 25-35 is normal. It also depends on if you were underweight or overweight to begin with. I could not find any information about the Korean "average" weight gain.

Maternity clothes: I wouldn't have tight jeans if United would return my luggage!!!!!! ; )

Stretchies: not that I see.......I have not had my belly button ring in for probably 2 years but it is going back in and will now be used as a distraction rather than the cute decoration it once was ; )

Sleep: Jet Lag!!!

Feeling:I have LOVED being pregnant, but now I am not feeling like myself. I am definitely feeling the effects of an oversized belly and the count down is on!

Best moment(s) this week: spending time with my family, dinners with my Mom, Dad surprising me in Iowa, meeting Baby Aiden, celebrating Baby Brynn @ Kelly's baby shower, seeing my Signature's girls who I miss terribly, and making it home to my hubby!!!!!!!

Movement: oh yeah! I think the guy next to me on the plane was amused with my active stomach!

Food cravings: WATER!!!! ICE WATER!!!!! and Veggies!!!! So you think I would not have excess weight gain, but oh no!!!!!! I think my Doctor thinks I am some fat American who eats hamburgers, fries, pizza, etc. every meal! Well, he is wrong! I didn't even have Goldie's ice cream while I was back!!!!! I ate fish and veggies practically everyday!

Labor signs: I wish they would start NOW!....according to my Grandma VanWyk I was in pre-term labor and should not able to board the plane. Wishful thinking on her part.

Belly button in or out: STRETCHED!

Things I miss: my feet, my ankles, my body in general.........

What I am looking forward to:The nursery furniture arrival on the 7th and Lincoln's Baby Shower on April 11th : )

Next Appointment: April 15th(ironically Lincoln's Auntie Sarah's real day of birth in Seoul) : ) It would be a great day to have Lincoln!

Milestones: Making it back home after an eventful 30hrs of traveling with UNITED while 35 weeks pregnant!!!! Can you tell I am extremely pleased with them(still waiting on luggage 48 hours later)? I will post my itinerary of how the traveling went later. And........ ONLY 35 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!

Interesting Facts: Lincoln weighs 2,762g/6 lbs 1 oz according to the ultrasound. Let hope he is nice to his Momma !

Weekly wisdom: I am amazed everyday at what God, Jon & I have created!!! I find it fascinating what your body does to protect and nurture your little one. I am proud of myself for being disciplined, staying positive, healthy and working hard at what is best for myself and my baby.

So to my Korean Doctor & Staff: If that means a few extra lbs and a couple of stretchies BRING ITl!!!! I am an American woman and we like a little junk in our trunks! : )

Sunday, March 21, 2010

34 Weeks

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks!!! 6 Weeks left!!!!

Weight gain/loss:HA!!! Who knows? Mom's scale seems to tell me something different every time I step on it. I think it is in denial for me.

Maternity clothes: I found a cute maternity raincoat that could easily be non-maternity!!! I also gladly gave Target some of my $$$!!!! I found an orange tank for $2, yes you read that correctly.......... see why I miss Target!

Stretchies: not yet, stocking up on more Palmer's while I am back!!!!

Sleep:Ahhhhhh.........pillow top mattresses how I have missed you!!!!

Feeling: good but not like myself. I don't understand how I had absolutely no puffiness or swelling in Seoul. I come to Iowa and blow up : )

Best moment(s) this week: Jordan seeing/feeling Lincoln kicking and moving! Hanging out with Mom. Family Grill out at Renita's!

Movement: He is getting so strong! It hurts sometimes!!! The best is when he rolls over my bladder ; )

Food cravings: None really.......You would think being back in Iowa would be bad news! I ate at some of my favorite places but they were healthy meals.

Labor signs:Nope.

Belly button in or out: OUT!!!!!!

Things I miss: My husband!

What I am looking forward to:seeing baby Aiden, Gavin, Brevin, Wyatt and Kenna today oh ya and their mothers!!!!!

Next Appointment:April 1st when I am back in Seoul

Milestones: Everyday is another milestone but this week.........moving up another bra size haha....... ; ) in my teen years I would have been ecstatic!

Interesting Facts: Lincoln could weight approximately 4-4 1/2 lbs at this time and be about 17 inches long.

Weekly wisdom: Well, I can't discuss it on the blog due to graphic content. This weeks weekly wisdom was taught to me by my 18 year old cousin. She informed me of what really happens in labor because she watched 16 and Pregnant on MTV. America just puts it on cable when my Korean doctor won't even inform or educate me about it. : ) Thanks Kylee!

Friday, March 19, 2010

33 Weeks

Pregnancy: 33 Weeks!!! 7 Weeks left!!!!

Weight gain/loss:: ) I think this is the point where I stop revealing the numbers : ) haha.....No I am not really sure until next week when I head to the Doc in IA.

Maternity clothes: I took a little trip to my favorite place to shop VON MAUR!!! Ah it was a great birthday present to myself. They do not carrying any maternity but with the trends now I did find a couple cute tops.

Stretchies: They have to be coming soon! My skin is stretched to the limit!

Sleep:Well, with the jet lag this week it has been hit or miss. Now if this was for my husband he is probably getting some much needed rest! All those extra pillows and "extra" wife gone! : )

Feeling:Really good! This week I did have some unusual swelling in my hands, feet and face, but it has seemed to go away a bit. Also, a little nausea and light headed on my! I think it was due to flying, maybe a little dehydration and just needing to keep my feet up.

Best moment(s) this week: The Coex Baby Fair!!!! We ordered Lincoln's crib, dresser/changer, high chair, bedding, bathtub, bottle sanitizer and a few little things. That was a GREAT feeling to have it done! Here are some pictures.....

My birthday and the best gift my husband could have ever given me!(well, besides Lincoln) Surprising my family was awesome! Seeing the look on their faces when I walked in the door was priceless! Lily was very excited to see me! : ) For anyone that doesn't know Lily is my dog, who is now living with my Grandma & Grandpa Van Wyk.

Movement:I had read that the movement was supposed to decrease soon, but not for me! He is moving all around! He was excited to kick a few new people this week......Kinze(Roo), Kylee(Cakers), Tick and Jordan(Brother). It was fun to have family feel him or see him moving around,

Food cravings: Desserts of course!!!! : ) Believe it or not Goldie's is literally a minute from Mom's house and I have not stopped yet! I am proud of myself! Since i have been back I have been eating a lot of Fish! Ah, love it! Bonefish was one of the first restaurant stops I had Haddock with feta, artichokes & basil! Yum!!! The waitress suggested their brownie with macadamia nuts sprinkled on top, raspberry sauce and ice cream for dessert and of course I had to have a birthday dessert! It is not hard to up sell to a pregnant woman! I am telling you pregnant or not that dessert was phenomenal!!!!!

Labor signs: still Braxton hicks! When I first got on the long flight from Tokyo to Chicago(11hrs) I had a few "contractions" minutes apart, but I drank water and calmed myself and I was fine!

Belly button in or out: OUT!!!

Things I miss: This week my husband! It is hard being away from him so long! I love being back with family, but it is funny how much I miss Seoul and my friends there. It truly is our home now! Pregnancy related I would say being around some of my favorite places and not being able to splurge on coffee, pastries, wine etc. Oh my daily consuming of Korean "clementines"! I eat at least 8 a day! Hey they are healthy!

What I am looking forward to: Seeing more friends, family, hanging out with my Mom, watching NEW MOON ; ), a pedicure, seeing Baby Aiden, Kelly's Baby Shower next Sunday, oh there are sooo many!!!!

Next Appointment: I am going to head to my old OB this week just to get checked out, but in Seoul it's Thursday, April 1st @ 1:55pm at that point I will be 35 weeks and start going every week! Wow!!!

Milestones: Packing my suitcase(1 that's right!) for my international trip for 2 weeks at under 20 lbs!!!!!! I was proud of myself! I would also have to say making it to Tokyo(2hrs), Chicago(11hrs), Iowa(1hr) without going into labor ; ) lol.......

Interesting Facts: Lincoln is the size of a honeydew melon! Seriously can not believe that he is that big and in my tummy!!!!

Weekly wisdom: turning sideways actually equals more width than facing forward! ! : ) I discovered this while visiting my Grandpa & Grandma Van Wyk. So many years of sliding between Grandpa(in his chair at the kitchen table) and the oven; so you can get to the bathroom is just not possible anymore! Picture a skinny cow commercial!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

32 Weeks

Pregnancy: 32 Weeks!!! 8 Weeks left!!!!

Weight gain/loss: Yep, I gained more! :) Dr told me I was a little on the high side for weight gain and needed to exercise more! :) lol I am feeling pretty good with my approx. 11-12 kg weight gain. He said he would give me 3 kg. more.***Koreans tend to me obsessed with weight, so the weight comment came to no surprise!!!!***

Here is a little pregnancy progression to celebrate the weight gain!!(12wks, 22wks, 32wks)
Maternity clothes: Still a mix of regular and maternity clothes. Just found out that H&M has opened in Meyeong-dong(a trendy shopping area in Seoul) and they have maternity, nursing & baby/kids clothes!!! YAY!!!!

Stretchies: I'm lathering up 2 times a day with oil and lotion!! I still don't think I have got them, yet. Jon tells me I do not have any.

Sleep: I slept better this week!!! I am not sure what I did differently but I woke up 4 of 7 nights with NO back pain!!! YAY!!!

Feeling: I love being pregnant! I have been feeling really good! I can tell that the extra weight with my frame isn't the best, but I still enjoy it!!

Best moment(s) this week: We finally ordered custom dining chairs for our table that we have had since October. :)Then Monday we received our baker's cart for the kitchen and finally a box from my Mother-in-law that was stuck in customs(story below list)!!! It was massive & filled with GREAT surprises!!!!

1.Boppy Pillow
2.6 PJs(really cute!!)
3.little 3 mo. jean shorts & polo(so cute!!)
3.Packets of Ranch dressing mix & taco seasoning 16 total
4.6 pasta sides......Delicious! :)
5.2 bags of lindt truffles!!!!(don't tell the Doc!)
6.Medela BPump & accessories

(Men you may skip this section :))

Now ladies you obviously know what I am talking about when I say BPump right?!? Well, try explaining it to Korean customs! I called in because we had not received the package on time and the Korean lady explained she had some questions regarding the contents of the package. She needed to know what a "Bu-Rest-A Poomp"(best Konglish ever!) was before it could be released!
Konglish (Korean: 콩글리시) is the use of English words (or words derived from English words) in a Korean context. The words, having initially been taken from English language, are either actual English words in Korean context[1], or are made from a combination of Korean and English words. It is considered a sub language.[2] Common sentence structure or vocabulary mistakes made by Koreans has also been referred to as Konglish.[3][4][5] Words and phrases borrowed from English or other languages may be shortened if Koreans using them feel they are too long.[6]

Well, duh! I was like BABY, FEED BABY,you know MILK!! She still did not get it! It's not like it was a bomb! Was I just supposed to come out and say "Lady, it's to milk your girls!!" I went through thirty minutes of torture explaining bpump, bmilk storage bags, bmilk storage bottles, lanisoh bpads....... ah! Anyway, you get the point!

We also received a very special outfit from our Aunt Becky, Uncle Dave & Cody! It was a black & red Adidas soccer outfit with little soccer shoes!!! Jon's favorite soccer team is AC Milan so he was thrilled!

Movement: Still really active! I can feel exact body parts now! Elbows, feet, his little butt!

Food cravings: Right now I am craving a Goldie's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Twister(only made by my cuz Kylee, she's the best at them!!)For those of you that don't know what Goldie's is. It's a local ice cream shop where I grew up! Yummy!
So on a quest to find a replacement I found a recipe for egg less cookie dough. I made it is not the same! It will do for now and it is better for the baby. I thought Jon would be thrilled with cookie dough in the fridge. Well, I was wrong, it didn't fool him either. Now I just need to test it with my previous Hot Fudge Sundae concoction.
(also, a S&S Special from Sugar Shack.....Chocolate ice cream with Reese's peanut butter cups! DeLISH!)
**Maybe that Korean doc was right! :) NAH!!!!

Labor signs: Nope, just Braxton Hicks. Is that better Jon? :) He didn't understand what I meant by BHicks in a previous post.

Belly button in or out: Sometimes flat & sometimes REALLY popping out!

Things I miss: Family & Friends! WINE! I have been watching the I really miss my regular amounts of coffee!

What I am looking forward to: Heading to the Baby Expo this weekend! My 27th Birthday on St. Patty's Day(THE best day to have your birthday, Thanks Mom!)!!!!! And a VERY special present my husband gave me early! I will explain that next week!

Next Appointment: Thursday, April 1st @ 1:55pm for ANOTHER ultrasound and doc visit. They are crazy with the ultrasounds!!! I have had a completely healthy/normal pregnancy(thank goodness!) and I have already had ultrasounds at 9,13,23,29 weeks and now this one at 35 weeks. Crazy!

Milestones: 8 weeks left!!!

Interesting Facts: Not really an interesting fact, but here is what Lincoln most likely looks all crammed in my belly : )
Weekly wisdom: Hmmm.... Well, this has nothing & yet everything to do with pregnancy.....

I have always known that I have been extremely blessed with an amazing God, amazing family, amazing friends, but this week I once again was reminded of what a great person my husband truly is. He is a hard worker and committed to everything he does... God, school, work, family, friends, me and now adding in our son. He is always striving to not only keep a great balance between them all but to improve every relationship to the absolute fullest. I respect and love him so much for everything he does for our family! He is going to be an exceptional father. He will not always be perfect, but he will always be working to be better! To me that is more admirable than perfection!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

31 Weeks

Pregnancy: 31 Weeks!!!

Weight gain/loss: I will find out at the Dr on Friday. I am guessing I have gained at least 2-3 more lbs.

Maternity clothes: I have become partial to wearing leggings & long tops. I am till wearing a mix of regular clothes(pic above is regular shirt YAY!) & maternity. You know, I really LOVE maternity clothes! I may wear them forever!

Stretchies: not that I can see(fingers crossed.......toes too!)

Sleep: Rough!!! Poor Jon! He has no room & it isn't getting any better! I think I add a new pillow every 2 weeks. We also had friends in town this past weekend. We had a great time, but I was/am exhausted!!!!

Feeling: Still feeling great! My back & top left abdominal muscles are starting to bother me, but overall I so feel lucky to have such a wonderful pregnancy!

pic above was taken around 2:30am at a night out with friends

Best moment this week: Jian, Jon's Best Friend/Best Man, got to meet the belly! and his girlfriend Carmen! I bought 3 really cute onesies at Lotte(Korean Macy's) & one of them possibly for Lincoln's coming home outfit!
Movement: He is one active little boy! Feet in the ribs is his new thing! I have noticed he responds differently to Jon's touch(excitement, lots of movement), than he does to mine(calming, soothing), it is so incredible!

Food cravings: Oh my! I have done really well on the cravings UNTIL NOW! I don't know if it is because I have actually found some snacks I recognize or what! I mean who craves sea weed, anchoives, and wild roots when you can have chocolate cake, ice cream, pickles(REAL ones!), etc.

Speaking of the ice cream, my Dad would be proud! I have been having a small bowl of vanilla ice cream, with nestles chocolate milk mix sprinkled on top & chocolate syrup for an evening snack/dessert! :) yum! Bring back memories Dad!

I also have a new love for Rotiboy buns! Yum! They are a sweet bread filled with milky sugar butter! The smell alone is worth the 2,500w each(approx $2). They are absolutely incredible!

Labor signs: Still the good ole' Bhicks. They are getting stronger, but nothing in a definitive pattern.

Belly button in or out:
Depends on how I sit or how much I eat. :) I would say flat/out.

Things I miss: Bathtubs!!!(we only have showers), Ber's backrubs, family & friends, WINE!, and being able to dance!

What I am looking forward to: Baby Expo at Coex next week

Next Appointment: Friday, March 5th @ 3:45pm(12:45am CST)with Dr. Choi

Weekly wisdom: I have been stressing about Lincoln's nursery for a while now. It is so hard to find things in Seoul that are resonably priced & fit our needs. It has left me feeling like we are bringing this innocent little child home to nothing. He will have nothing!

Then I read this excerpt, from a book that my Mother & Father-in-law gave me. It couldn't have come at a better time.

"More crucial than the physical enviroment that surrounds your children is the emotional enviroment of your home. A stable, secure home life flows from a stable, secure marriage. The best way to prepare your nest, far more important than preparing a room, is to strengthen that love relationship."

Milestones: Single digits for weeks! 9 left!!!

Interesting Facts:
The boy's name Lincoln \l(i)-nco-ln, lin-coln\ is pronounced LINK-en. It is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "lake colony". The name of an early Roman settlement in England. Surname made famous by American President Abraham Lincoln. Football player Lincoln Kennedy.

Lincoln has 2 variant forms: Linc and Link.
Baby names that sound like Lincoln are Langly, Langley, Langlee and Langlea.
Interesting, but NO nicknames here, or my husband will have a fit! :)