Monday, April 12, 2010

37 Weeks

Pregnancy: 37 Weeks FULL TERM!!!!!! WOOOO HOOO!!!!!!

Weight gain/loss: I think the same! We will see on Thursday if I get told I have gained too much again : ) chuckle!

Maternity clothes: Let's talk shoes instead of clothes! I am only fitting into a few pairs......ah! I have been wearing flip flops because of the warm weather and swelling! Everyone stares at me on the subway because for some reason they do not wear sandals without socks! Crazy!!!!! I did buy a new pair of clarks! They are super comfortable and fit my nerdy style! :)

Stretchies: so far so good.......

Sleep: I can't wait to sleep on my tummy again!!!! I am waking up at least 4 times a night!

Feeling: I am feeling great, but I can tell my body is preparing for labor soon!!! At least it is my wishful thinking of soon!

Best moment(s) this week: Well despite the nursery furniture not being delivered, I had a great week!!!!! We had a great week!!!!! Jon was offered a new position within Samsung, more details to come. No this does not mean back to the States.....still will be living in Seoul! It is a great opportunity for him and he tells me it is "EXACTLY what he hoped he would transition to!" So I am extremely happy and proud of him!!!

I had a great lunch/afternoon with Lauren in Samcheong-dong on Thursday. We found a little Italian cafe with an extremely large menu and I was very happy with my pasta and I believe Lauren's hamburger was a hit! I had another great lunch with Charu at Milliways! Charu and I have been trying to meet up for over a month now and our schedules were not working out. : ) So finally I got to meet her! She has a 6 month old daughter named Navia(she is a doll!) so we had a lot of baby stuff to chat about! She recommended a pediatrician in Seoul, which was a huge relief!!!! We live in the same tower complex so I am sure there will be lots of play dates to come!

And of course last but not least.....THE BABY SHOWER!!!!! It was a huge surprise and an amazing time!!!! The girls did so much work and made me feel extremely special. I am going to do one blog just on the shower, because there are just too many cool things I don't want to forget! I can't wait to share!!!! It is amazing how you can find truly genuine, caring friends all over the world!

Movement: He is ready to play!!!!! He wants to come out I just know it! :) He has had a lot of hiccups this week as well!

Food cravings: Korean BBQ, cinnamon rolls(found carmel pecan rolls at Costco! Should not have bought the whole box!!) After the baby shower I am now craving everything they served! I am telling you the menu was de-licous!!!!! Oh can't forget the red velvet cupcake with the cream cheese frosting that Alyssa brought!!!! Seriously AMAZING!!!!!!

Labor signs: yes : ) won't go into detail but I am pretty sure I lost the MP on Saturday night into Sunday for all you ladies that know what I am talking about! For those that don't, don't worry! You don't want to know :)

Belly button in or out: Officially popped out this week!!!! I think it means this turkey is cooked!

Things I miss: hmmm........probably just my normal body : )

What I am looking forward to: Well, hopefully a relaxing week of work for Jon!!!! Lunch/dinners with some of the girls! Nursery furniture is expected by the end of the week, for real this time!!!!!!! Doctor's appointment........

Next Appointment: April 15th first "real" exam hmmmm.........sounds interesting ; )

Milestones: Being FULL TERM!!!!!!!!

Interesting Facts: I carried a WATERMELON! Ah.......Dirty Dancing! No really Lincoln is supposedly the size of a watermelon! CRAZY! Sounds yummy though! All weight for Lincoln and myself should level off now and he should be completely healthy for delivery any day! : )

Weekly wisdom: None. Leave a comment of your "Weekly Wisdom" to me! I could use a little inspiration.

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