Thursday, April 1, 2010

35 Weeks

Pregnancy: 35 Weeks down 35 days to go!!!!!

Weight gain/loss:Well, what a way to ring in the 35 weeks with your Ultrasound Tech telling you your pants are too tight and your Dr stating once again that you are over the limit! They even forgot to say "April Fool's!"

Well, I did some research to see exactly what is "average" and where all this weight goes. Am I over the American "average" or the Korean "average?" According to

Baby 7-8 pounds
Placenta 1-2 pounds
Amniotic fluid 2 pounds
Uterus 2 pounds
Maternal breast tissue 2 pounds( lol I would times this by 2 ; ))
Maternal blood 4 pounds
Fluids in maternal tissue 4 pounds
Maternal fat and nutrient stores 7 pounds

Okay so that is approximately 29-31 pounds on average. In the states heard that about 25-35 is normal. It also depends on if you were underweight or overweight to begin with. I could not find any information about the Korean "average" weight gain.

Maternity clothes: I wouldn't have tight jeans if United would return my luggage!!!!!! ; )

Stretchies: not that I see.......I have not had my belly button ring in for probably 2 years but it is going back in and will now be used as a distraction rather than the cute decoration it once was ; )

Sleep: Jet Lag!!!

Feeling:I have LOVED being pregnant, but now I am not feeling like myself. I am definitely feeling the effects of an oversized belly and the count down is on!

Best moment(s) this week: spending time with my family, dinners with my Mom, Dad surprising me in Iowa, meeting Baby Aiden, celebrating Baby Brynn @ Kelly's baby shower, seeing my Signature's girls who I miss terribly, and making it home to my hubby!!!!!!!

Movement: oh yeah! I think the guy next to me on the plane was amused with my active stomach!

Food cravings: WATER!!!! ICE WATER!!!!! and Veggies!!!! So you think I would not have excess weight gain, but oh no!!!!!! I think my Doctor thinks I am some fat American who eats hamburgers, fries, pizza, etc. every meal! Well, he is wrong! I didn't even have Goldie's ice cream while I was back!!!!! I ate fish and veggies practically everyday!

Labor signs: I wish they would start NOW!....according to my Grandma VanWyk I was in pre-term labor and should not able to board the plane. Wishful thinking on her part.

Belly button in or out: STRETCHED!

Things I miss: my feet, my ankles, my body in general.........

What I am looking forward to:The nursery furniture arrival on the 7th and Lincoln's Baby Shower on April 11th : )

Next Appointment: April 15th(ironically Lincoln's Auntie Sarah's real day of birth in Seoul) : ) It would be a great day to have Lincoln!

Milestones: Making it back home after an eventful 30hrs of traveling with UNITED while 35 weeks pregnant!!!! Can you tell I am extremely pleased with them(still waiting on luggage 48 hours later)? I will post my itinerary of how the traveling went later. And........ ONLY 35 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!

Interesting Facts: Lincoln weighs 2,762g/6 lbs 1 oz according to the ultrasound. Let hope he is nice to his Momma !

Weekly wisdom: I am amazed everyday at what God, Jon & I have created!!! I find it fascinating what your body does to protect and nurture your little one. I am proud of myself for being disciplined, staying positive, healthy and working hard at what is best for myself and my baby.

So to my Korean Doctor & Staff: If that means a few extra lbs and a couple of stretchies BRING ITl!!!! I am an American woman and we like a little junk in our trunks! : )

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