Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun & Unique Baby Toys

I have been on the search for fun & unique toys for Lincoln. There are sooooo many out there!!! Here are some fun finds!

Baby Nonos the Dog
I love the unique shape & textures this toy has. It is simple and can last throughout multiple stages.

Peek-Squeak Monkey

My favorite animals are monkeys! I often call Lincoln my little monkey because I feel like he is swinging from rib to rib : ) So what a perfect toy this would be! Again, the textures and colors of this toy are amazing! Really look forward to testing it out.

Sophie the Giraffe
I am sure some of you have heard of Sophie. This giraffe has become one of the most popular teething toys! I have read many reviews of Moms who have purchased multiple because their little ones loved and used it so much! I have heard it cuts back on the drooling; which is always a plus! :)

I found these toys at Giggle.
So excited to check these off the WishList soon! We will give reviews in May! :)

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